WooCommerce API Custom Endpoint

WooCommerce is great. But when it comes to API, it requires a little work to do some modifications. Let us take an example of custom endpoints. To make your own woocommerce api endpoint to return custom content, follow this tutorial. Create your own plugin. WordPress Docs will help you achieve this In plugins main fileMore

WordPress Ionic Material Design App Instructions

Wpionic-material is a multi-platform mobile application built using ionic framework. It uses wordpress api to get and post data from/to your wordpress site. Ionic uses cordova to build application archives for Android and Ios Platforms. WP Ionic material design Installation: Install wp-api plugin to your wordpress site. Download wordpress ionic material app source code. Change var server = ‘http://demo.wp-api.org/’;More

Story of Matter and Consciousness

Today I want to tell you all a story. It’s about you, about me, about everything else. It’s about matter and consciousness. I want you to think about something small. When we think what human body is made up of, finally we end up with atoms of some of the basic element. Hydrogen and carbon.More